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Zenith’s Secondary Yard Greatly Enhances Local Village Environment!

Just a quick update on how the renovation of Zenith’s secondary yard is progressing.   It has been quite a journey as you can see from the aerial image pre-commencement.  It was incredibly important to Zenith, knowing the location well and it being situated in the middle of the village of Rosewell, that the works were done sympathetically and with an ambition to enhance the look of the area and we are hopeful this is what Zenith has achieved.

Zenith’s Head Office and Yards are located within the Bilston Glen Industrial Estate, Loanhead.  Our objective with Rosewell is to develop a combined workspace with something that also supports the environment.   Zenith felt this was not only important but essential, as the AVANT development had consumed a considerable portion of wet grass land.

To achieve this Zenith has allocated a substantial section of the land to a wild flower meadow that looks fantastic, along with the installation of 42 number bird boxes and a wild life pond that is fed from the large 2500 litre water butts plumbed into the sheds rainwater system with some quirky additions.   All in all Zenith firmly believes that the area has been enhanced greatly.

Not only has the project been an environmental success, it has kept a minimum of 3 operatives fully employed since the date of purchase and they have made a great job of turning a work yard into something that looks well placed in the middle of the village.

The next phase will be to introduce bat boxes and trees which will hopefully be completed in the autumn of 2023.

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