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Zenith Appointed to Flare Project in Vietnam

Zenith specialist access division have been reappointed by Vifutech Co Ltd to perform works at the Dung Quat refinery in Vietnam. Following the successful completion of a previous contract in 2018, Zenith will return to the refinery, operated by BSR to complete the flare stack inspections and maintenance work scope.

Project includes:

  • Intros MFL inspection and regreasing of all guy wires
  • Installation of a motorised access cradle.
  • Remedial repair works to the 2no 10” steam lines.
  • General inspection of flare riser, access platform and guy wire ground anchor blocks.
  • Tension and vertically check and adjust guy wires as required.

Zenith have a wealth of experience with flares both on and offshore, providing an end-to-end service across the Zenith Group.  Contact us at enquiries@zenithstructural.com to find out how we can help.

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