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TATA Steelworks, South Wales


Located at a steelworks in South Wales, the chimney comprises of an 120m concrete windshield, the windshield contains two acid resisting brickwork flues supported at 10m intervals from reinforced concrete floors, the uppermost being supported from steel beams connected to the windshield and the remaining floors supported from 4 Macalloy steel rods.

Zenith SAS Limited was awarded the contract to carry out extensive internal brickwork repairs to one of the brick flues whilst the other flue was in service.

The brickwork repairs included crack repairs, repointing, repacking of the expansion joints in the brickwork and a rebuild of the failed lining in sections.

Externally, a comprehensive range of concrete repairs were undertaken together with the painting of the smoke band area.

All temporary works were designed by Zenith Consultants and the repairs were carried out by Zenith SAS Limited.

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