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Petroineos, Grangemouth, Scotland


Zenith performed an inspection and strengthening works to a 61m high concrete chimney at a refinery in Scotland.

The works comprised the following sequence:

  • Access was gained to the 37m level of the chimney by installing temporary ladders and a full circumference scaffold platform.
  • An inspection of the concrete windshield shell where excessive horizontal cracking had been found.
  • Core samples were taken through the concrete to investigate the extent of the cracking.
  • The cracking was found to extend completely through the concrete for the full circumference.
  • Zenith engineers then produced a report and investigated the cause of the cracking. They then developed a repair scheme to strengthen the chimney. Full calculations and design checks were performed.
  • Crack sealing work was performed to the outside of the crack for the full circumference.

Carbon fibre plates were bonded to the outside of the chimney windshield in a vertical orientation to strengthen the shell at this location.

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