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Petroineos, Grangemouth, Scotland


The BI601 chimney is a 61m concrete refractory brick lined stack situated within the COD2 Unit.


  • Establish site facilities (office, welfare, messing and lay down area for equipment and materials) and safety exclusion zone.
  • Reinstate existing materials winch system (external), load test and erect scaffolding, working deck and fan deck at smoke band level.
  • Load out fan deck with scaffolding equipment to allow erection of additional scaffolding during outage.
  • Ensure stack base is cleared of all stored items.
  • Erect scaffolding tower access within stack base grade to underside of false floor 14m.
  • Fit tracks for brick bin loading system at grade.

    Outage Work:

  • Install steeplejack ladders from fan to stack summit and install full circumferential scaffolding 1m from stack summit and internal platform cathead/winch support.
  • Open false floor hatch and clear debris. Erect internal scaffolding and remove baffle wall. Install internal motorised – access platform c/w debris chute. Remove refractory brick work from barrel 1. Reinstate barrels 1 c/w new cills/lintels and gas seal.
  • Carry out any remedial pointing repairs and gas seal repairs.
    • Install new s/s cap venture.
    • Paint smoke band.
    • Replace false floor hatch.
    • Prepare and submit completion report including photographs of repair works.
  • Remove internal access, return winch to service externally.
  • Strip down temporary works to fan deck level and store.
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